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1998 Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie SLT - Cummins Turbo Diesel

Nickname: The Big Ol' Cummins

10/18/2010: The 4 KC HiLites are wired up and work awesome. Finally pulled out my stock under-hood light and wired up the 4, 6" V-LEDs 5k strips on the hood... they look great and really add light under there. Got my Wolo Enforcer horn installed as well, it's nothing special but kind of cool.

10/17/2010: My RED Inc. (Randy Elllis Design) Sleekster Light Bar is on and the four KC 6" HiLites are mounted. Also installed a Heavy Duty headlight wiring harness from LMC Trucks and it makes a noticeable difference, especially with the aftermarket headlight housings. It basically just does what should be factory, pulls headlight power straight from the batteries through two relays (one for lows, one for highs) and uses one original headlight harness as the triggers.

08/17/2010: Front bumper is painted black (not great, but it's black) and new tinted fog lights are in place. Removed the APC Driving lights, making room for the light bar and the 4 KC 6" HiLites soon. Looking into some local powdercoating shops for front and rear bumpers then some Line-X of the box and rockers/fenders. All about the $$$$$.

07/17/2010: Rear bumper is currently coated with black primer, probably going to wait to have the whole thing from rear bumper along the bottom of the truck to the front bumper (incl. bumpers) undercoated professionally along with the box. Got the new headlights in and found out the project fog-lights don't fit. The back of the bulb fixture is too big and hits the rad on driver's side and the a/c condenser (or I'm sure it will, didn't try) on pass. side. Must not fit the diesel models as the intercooler pushes the rest to the front more. The front bumper is without it's plastic crap right now. Keeping the bottom air valance on as it will help keep rocks from getting the diff/etc I hope. Have a new one for it, just need to paint it and the fog light area pieces blue and make the holes for the tow hooks. Cleaned all the decals off the windows as well, just need to get my big back window one made up and that may be all I put on it. Redo the tinting later on and it's all good.

04/28/2010: Have had the truck back for a bit now, running much better. Injection pump was rebuilt and tuned up with the stiffer AFC spring and the 4k gsk in it. Electric Holley lift pump on her now, and the main oil leak (seal on the power steering pump) has been fixed. Been doing some body work as I have the time, new grille is on and some new lights. Gotta tackle the bigger stuff now, fix front bumper and paint it then add the light bar and change headlights/fog lights. Fix/paint rear bumper and do some undercoating.

02/16/2009: Got the pictures from Jan. 24/09 all up finally. The center caps are on, as well as she's all shined up. Go check em out in the Pictures section.

12/20/2008: Got my girl back almost a week ago with the BD Pulse Exhaust manifold and TST fuel plate/boost elbow installed... just need to fine-tune the pump now; maybe even add an electric fuel pump in to help out. Difficult to test properly in -20 to -40 degrees Celsius weather... but eh, gotta get 'er done lol... P.S. the black smoke really pours out now!!!

11/27/2008: Will soon get the ol' girl back from the shop with my new exhaust manifold and fuel plate all installed... can't wait to see the smoke she'll pour now. Center caps I should get on soon as well as a new mud-flap, just need the time and ambition lol.

9/29/2008: Got my new Bully Dog 4" Turbo-back Straight Pipe with 5" Tip Exhaust on. It sounds fucking awesome... I love it. Should have my new ATS 3-piece split manifold on within a few weeks and finally hook up my pyro. This new exhaust system sounds great... and I can finally put a new mudflap on again lol. New pics of the exhaust tip are up, will have more once and a video once I get the center caps for my rims.

9/11/2008: Finally got my new rims and tires put on today. Got Nitto Terra Grapplers (285/75R16) wrapped on American Racing Outlaw II (16x8) and they look awesome - Check out the pics! - (No center caps yet...but soon).

8/4/2008: Well, the old girl has been sitting at the garage for a bit. Wasn't as bad as I thought... she wouldn't crank over, turns out its just the starter contacts. So I told them to get a few other 'routine maintenance' done on it too while it's there. I should have it back this week now, which is good... a 3ton Sterling just doesn't have the same Diesel Power effect the Dodge does... lol. I should also be able to get my new rims/tires put on right away now too... that'll be nice.

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